Saturday, 28 April 2012

How to be ultra girly Part 2

Miss Jones you are always wittering on about how much better you are than some of my other gurls. So Miss Jones, why don't you tell all of us just how to be "The best gurl you can be" But first let me give you a little lesson in humility. Assume the position please, that's it bend over my knee .......  (Mr Black)

Gurls between my normal duties, training the tramps Sir brings home and your emails I am kept quite busy. I was complaining about my workload to Mr Black the other day and he quickly took me in hand (giggle - slight blushing bottom still a little sore) and then suggest I update the blog with several posts on the top 5 subjects I am contacted about most. 

As you can see from the title of this post there are a lot of you Gurls dying to be more girly. Well darlings do pour yourself a glass of wine sit back and relax. 

I would suggest if you can to take a week of work / studies etc and follow my week long plan into frilly, girly, giggly cuteness. 

Starting with Monday. 
Wake up early shall we say 7pm take off all your clothes stand naked looking at yourself in the mirror. Imagine the girl you long to be fix her in your minds eye and then name her. That is your new femm name. Say it out loud. As an example we will use my name. Say Hi Tabitha. then give your self a sexy nick name and say that out loud. Hi Tabby Kitten. This will help you move into a femm mind set and begin to be playful and frivolous. 

Keep that girl in your minds eye this will help your mood and take you closer to your girly dreams

Then I want you to shower well. Shave all that ugly hair and make sure you are well perfumed. 

The walk. 
Nothing says sexy girly girly than a ultra sissy gait. Now stand in the mirror and walk towards the mirror as you would normally. Now imagine that girl and overlay her onto your walk. 
This will help you exude feminine sensuality and make you feel more and more girly. 

Remember to lift your heels and walk on your toes. This will make you feel very girly and emulate the effect of heels. Place one foot directly in front of the other, make sure you stand tall and push your chest and buttocks out without being silly. 

Now put on your highest most girly heels. Compliment yourself and giggle. Say hi to yourself and repeat these words. Hi hun, where did you get those darling shoes - say it in your best femm voice. 

Now for the walk. A girly walk is all about foot placement and hips. Your heels should put your body in the correct position now relax and feel free, feel natural feel sensual, feel girly. Imagine that girl in the mirror start from your hip with a slight rocking your legs and buttocks should be completely relaxed. Now work it girl 

To further enhance your feminine thinking reward yourself each time you feel your walk is perfectly girly I want you to dance a little follow the style and movement of the animation below and while you do this put on something - Perhaps a track from Kylie last album. Something girly. 

Gurls I know you will want to play with your sissy clit and dress but trust me this will be worth it and it will get better. 

Now practise, practise, practise 
Nothing to eat please this week you will learn to live on a few meals. Drink plenty of water and practise that walk the dance I want your movements to become 2nd nature. 

It is now Monday afternoon and I want you to put on your most girly and sexy underwear. Something lacy, frilly and silky. 
now repeat your walking practise in the mirror notice how the underwear helps and makes you feel more sensual more female. 

Monday Part 2 to follow...

Very good Miss Jones, you were paying attention in all those grooming classes. I look forward to the next instalment.  (Mr Black)

Thank you sir I am working on the next instalment sir however I am now working on your arrangement for this evening with that whore Miss Voguel

I want you to bath slowly and sensually. When you are ready dress in your most yummy, divine baby doll and slide into bed. 

Keep thinking your femm thoughts now I want you to close your eyes and repeat these words...

I am a cute and sexy girl 100 times while gently playing with your sissy clit. DO NOT CUM. 

Then close your eyes and drift off to sleep. 

Wake up at 8am - Put on your dressing gown and make yourself tea or coffee. 

No breakfast for you you are too fat and you need to lose weight 

Change into something cute for a little bit of yoga.

Once you have completed your yoga routine it is time to practise the move I call the "present yourself." This is a vital and very difficult move for Gurls to get right - we don't have rounded hips or bottoms and making our lower backs arch like that takes effort and female bone structure.

Visuals examples below. Watch as she elevates her pelvic area and pushes her bottom up providing him better access 

I insist on Sir's Gurls learning this position. A great way to practice it is too lean against a window sill and push up your bottom. Curve in your back and move forward bending your arms a little and your knees this should put you in the correct and ever so girly position. 

Another technique I use on Gurls that are less compliant and a little less prone to practising is to chain their ankles and inset they place their knees tightly together and then ask them to bend over at their waist. It really does work.  

Possibly my most have technique and one I reserve for those Gurls - well lets say the ones that displease me. I insert a but plug with a tail and train them to shake their tails. Believe me darlings it is a lot harder than it looks. 

When a girl is ready we test her in this way. If you can do this my little slut then you are well on your way to girly yumminess. 

Wednesday's Girly lessons to follow. 



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