Friday, 5 October 2012

The many faces of gurls

Following on from my post regarding the life cycle of tgirls - many of you (mostly guys) emailed and asked me to expand on the different types. One guy listed rather dilegently all the references I have made over the years on this blog and my old one to the 3rd sex. 

So for you all and mostly you D here is my take and my views on the 3rd sex. Ladies do comment.

Firstly lets start with the obvious A genetic girl
I am sure you all understand this one. Something most gurls strive to be. Giggle I have included a yummy pic for those that need an image to reference. 

Ladies I am not making a value judgment so please do not get upset with my comments I am simply ranking the type of gurls we are. 

The lowest (furthest away from looking like genetic women) is the sissy - although they tend not to be convincing they are very femm in mind set. These gurls like to play are very willing and from my experience are truly femm little sluts. Giggle. They tend to be older and have bi tendencies. They are not on hormones and will mainly be male. 

Sissy Gurls are men who are beginning their journey to womanhood they will be very very femm have initial signs of budding breasts. They will be very sub and almost all will have Male dom lovers. 

Crossdressers tend to be one of the largest groups containing a mass of different types of gurls. 

From convincing looking traps with female esq features

To guys who look passable-ish  

To non passable guys. This does not make them any less girly or attractive. They are divine creatures and are some of the most feminine individuals I have met. 

The cross dressing group is huge and contains such a wide gamut that perhaps this group needs a post of its own.

We now move towards the tgurl not fully fledged shemale but edging closer to full time and generally very convincing. I would put myself in this pigeon hole. A desire to be used by very masculine men seems to be a familiar thread with this group of gurls. Desperate to be as femm as they can be they tend to over compensate and can be very difficult most gurls will be on hormones. This tends to add to their erratic and sometimes unexplainable behaviour and mood swings. 
These gurls have a tendency to drift towards larger men and black guys as they feel being taken by a black guy will somehow deepen their female experience. 

These gurls are selfish and really do form some of the most slutty and whorish ideas

Finally we have the shemale the most divine creature truly female and totally convincing these gurls are what most of us lesser gurls aspire to be.  

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Women only

I am constantly reminded about the spending power of the pink pound. I have several friends in marketing and ad agencies. 

Gays have more disposal able income, they spend more of what they have blah blah blah

We all long to have a place we can belong to. That great local cafe or bar. Well I have come across what could be a first for the UK - we all know the rest of the world is ahead of us when it comes to bespoke venues for women only (ok maybe we are not that bad) I am dying to try it out in Sept. 

I adore the blonde and brunette in the middle of the film. Enjoy Gurls. 

The life cycle of a tgirl

Hi to all my lovely readers, fans and naughty masters and mistress out in cyber land. 

I have had several emails asking me about their position within the tgirl / sissy / gurl cycle. 
At first I ignored the emails thinking that perhaps its a thing amount a few of you but slowly the emails have stacked up. 

So I asked Sir - He was a little unsure and asked me to investigate. Well ladies this is what I found. 

Our unique culture and the participants within our little kink of a group, fall broadly into several pigeon holes. That has been covered in previous posts and by other blogs in much more detail than my little head can deal with. 

No the questions and emails were quite specific. 
Once we (tgirl / sissy / CD / gurl) had stepped into the abyss and truly entered womanhood (most gurls agree that is after you have been taken by a man and not to do with hormones or how convincing or amount you dress - its a state of mind) then there does seem to be a cycle. 

From my questionnaire (thank you all how responded and gurls those that did not will NOT be getting a special gift) and the 102 responses plus mine making a grand total of 103 gurls / sissies / tgirls from across the globe who spent the time to think and jot down their musings we have identified 5 key cycles. 

Without further fanfare or time wasting I shall reveal giggle the 5 cycles of gurls. 

The first event that seems to take you all rather obviously is 'The Slut' it seems once most gurls have been taken they search for manly men and increase their encounters exponentially. 

Some girls were very clear about their need to be taken 3 - 4 times a night. 

One amazing little vixen of a gurl needed to milk herself over 12 times a day - blushing now ladies that is commitment. Giggle. 

Another girl recommend cock and champagne (it took me ages to find a pic I could use as she begged me not to use hers.)

Girls with partners increased their time as gurls and their submissive role within the household and their desires. Interestingly their role playing and game play increased much more than those girls not in a relationship. 

A large proportion of gurls also started using the internet to select much more demanding and dominate masters or mistresses 

Flirting often with several virtual lovers online. 

We then move into a very interesting role. 'The Slave or Pet'. Almost every girl experienced this need after she had worked her way through several couples and more than 15 cocks. 

An interesting side note up until this stage most girls referred to their partners as cocks and not by their name. My guess is this is a reflection of their slutty, don't care lets fuck nature and then things get serious. 

Many gurls cite their first master to have been the most demanding and the master they have loved the most (lots of gurls crossed out love and added in Need and crossed out need and added a smiley. - I blushed because I felt the same - giggle funny how a gurl in Canada can be feeling the same as a gurl in the UK, US and India!) 

The training was loved the most by you all and most of you agreed the spanking and the control and pet treatment added to the overall feel. 

More than half of the gurls who responded had Masters with several gurls and the Queen Gurl, often referred to as the Sirs favourite and unofficially the bitch (blushing now gurls - giggle) would often spank and use other gurls. 

You all agreed that the harsh-ish treatment was more sexual than painful and you all found that when you were made love to by your Masters it was more femm, more real more sensual. 

Outfits, costumes also played a huge part in this cycle of a gurls life. The usual cat girls, maids, brides, schoolgirls all made a showing on the response form. 

The next cycle is quite wonderful. 'The Friendship' All those gurls spanked, fucked and used by all those Masters form friendships - Master A has 4 gurls - they meet and they chat and soon they become friends, lovers - they have nothing to hide no secrets its a wonderful feeling someone else has forced these gurls together they have all spanked, fucked and abused each other. They have been pets, slaves maids to a Master and have seen reach other in the most humiliating and exposed positions and circumstances

They have shed tears together, endured pain and humiliation together. Their bond is as tight and secure as the leash or collar they wear for their masters. 

There is always a favourite gurl she gets the most abuse, the most humiliation the most pain - she tends to be the most convincing her gift, the envy of all the other gurls in Sire Harem understand that its also a curse and begin to help her take care of her provide pleasure for her. 

Why does she put up with it? Why do they all put up with it. A desperate need simply to be used en femm and they will take any abuse to be consider femm. Where else and what else is left for these women to do other than to become friends.

They begin to help each other rather than fight for Sirs affections. 

They provide each other pleasure

They help brian the new gurls - they understand how demeaning it is and how demanding sir is. 

This is the point where Sir starts to think he needs new gurls - he cam punish them harder or keep a few and break up the friendship - an easy solution is to sell a couple of the gurls if he is in the right circles otherwise he lets them go and starts to look for others. How does he know this - our weakness our need we wear our hearts on our sleeves he can see we care more for each other than him!

The next cycle is the shortest lived and again because our weakness and our need to be the centre of attention - if a room full of women is bitchy then a room full of gurls is a nightmare. 
We start off lovingly 

We share, we chat, we love, we giggle we blush. Its all wonderful then a Gurl experiences the next cycle prior to there other gurls she gets a real boyfriend someone who will take her away on holiday someone who is happy to be scene out with her. And as always its the most convincing gurl - so while she is away basking on an island or private boat having wild sex the other gurls start to bitch and then envy turns the bitchy banter to hurtful comments. 

The gurl returns all smiles all bronzed and buffed ready to share her new body ornaments and cute jewellery 

Her love making - she swears while blushing and bitting her lower lip that she had a true female orgasm...

She is amazing, stunning and her stories churn you up inside why not me why her - just because she looks amazing in a bikini and on it goes.   

Finally one night over drinks you tell them about the early morning love making when he took you on the balcony while you both watch the sun rise 

The gurls finally flip and the friendship falls apart you all split and go your separate ways. 

From time to time you see the gurls online perhaps they have a blog - perhaps you have been brave enough to call them every now and then they pop up in a video or pic and you squeal OMG Lisa looks amazing, what is Tina wearing, what is Anna doing I always knew she was a whore and so on. But something remains unfinished something haunts you all.... 

Gurls I have seen all my friends humiliated I have had Masters email pics of myself and other gurls they have used and we have all ended up on the internet to be wanted by men or even women or perhaps even other gurls. Some hate us some pity us, Our need to be what we believe we are always meant to be. We chase the dream by dressing then by painting ourselves with a coat of felinity then we become more femm then most women for the lucky few not just mentally but physicality also. Slowly we seek a cock then drift to other gurls. But the one thing we all seem to seek it has become a gurls biggest adventure and that is to feel truly female and experience everything from a mind shattering orgasm to a period. 

The final stage is The female Orgasm. Sadly perhaps we never will reach it - Some days I think I have then something else happens and wow that was more intense more real - perhaps we never can reach this pinnacle perhaps we need one of these

And several men to test ours out - blushing. You have to admit it looks a lot like fun!

Do let me know what you all think - enjoy the last few animations I hope they fill you with the same longing and desires.