Friday, 5 October 2012

The many faces of gurls

Following on from my post regarding the life cycle of tgirls - many of you (mostly guys) emailed and asked me to expand on the different types. One guy listed rather dilegently all the references I have made over the years on this blog and my old one to the 3rd sex. 

So for you all and mostly you D here is my take and my views on the 3rd sex. Ladies do comment.

Firstly lets start with the obvious A genetic girl
I am sure you all understand this one. Something most gurls strive to be. Giggle I have included a yummy pic for those that need an image to reference. 

Ladies I am not making a value judgment so please do not get upset with my comments I am simply ranking the type of gurls we are. 

The lowest (furthest away from looking like genetic women) is the sissy - although they tend not to be convincing they are very femm in mind set. These gurls like to play are very willing and from my experience are truly femm little sluts. Giggle. They tend to be older and have bi tendencies. They are not on hormones and will mainly be male. 

Sissy Gurls are men who are beginning their journey to womanhood they will be very very femm have initial signs of budding breasts. They will be very sub and almost all will have Male dom lovers. 

Crossdressers tend to be one of the largest groups containing a mass of different types of gurls. 

From convincing looking traps with female esq features

To guys who look passable-ish  

To non passable guys. This does not make them any less girly or attractive. They are divine creatures and are some of the most feminine individuals I have met. 

The cross dressing group is huge and contains such a wide gamut that perhaps this group needs a post of its own.

We now move towards the tgurl not fully fledged shemale but edging closer to full time and generally very convincing. I would put myself in this pigeon hole. A desire to be used by very masculine men seems to be a familiar thread with this group of gurls. Desperate to be as femm as they can be they tend to over compensate and can be very difficult most gurls will be on hormones. This tends to add to their erratic and sometimes unexplainable behaviour and mood swings. 
These gurls have a tendency to drift towards larger men and black guys as they feel being taken by a black guy will somehow deepen their female experience. 

These gurls are selfish and really do form some of the most slutty and whorish ideas

Finally we have the shemale the most divine creature truly female and totally convincing these gurls are what most of us lesser gurls aspire to be.