Monday, 7 May 2012

Finding your female orgasm through your sissy G spot

Most Gurls if asked are looking for that one thing that will finally complete their female experience. They myself included experience it once by accident and then every playful fuck, every sexy encounter, every kinky game falls short if it does not contain that magical moment. 

We are all looking for that female orgasm. The moment we scream OMG and our thighs quiver.

The slow build the warmth spreading from deep inside the gasp the shortness of breath your body feeling alive feeling ultra sensitive, your nipples ready to explode with heat, they stand erect and hard. Then it comes wave after wave flooding you inside and out your eyes roll back and you lose control, your body not your own you let out a low moan and a squeal and then fall into his arms. Thee feeling slowly lushly and divinely floating away as you playful hold his cock and bite your lip - your cheeks blushed with pleasure and a little humiliation at your wanton display. 

Sounds wonderful doesn't it Gurls. I am going to help you all reach that place. Ok my little wanton sluts lets begin.

Have you ever heard of the Sissy G-Spot? I am sure you have. Well knowing where it is, is half the story - knowing how to use it well ladies shall we....

Follow my interactions and I promise you a truly memorable orgasm that is satisfyingly girly, sexy and yet in the desperate sissy way ever so humiliating so much so it will be something you are tempted to try it again and again!

First we need to set the scene properly. Go and slip on some of your yummiest girly clothes. Something slutty and fun. Hold ups or Stockings, suspenders your cutest knickers and bra set. Next slip into your pencil skirt and blouse then slide those sissy feet into you high heels. 

Now see if you can apply some makeup like mine, with beautiful lips, eyeliner a little spritz of perfume and earrings. 

Now stand up and show me your pert bottom. Imagine you are posing in front of dozens of eyes, they want you, they desire your body, your ass is of particular soft, pert and inviting. Does that make you blush? Do you feel a little naughty? Is your little sissy clit getting all hard now? 

Now strip down to your under garments. Slowly make those eyes work sissy, sultry and sexy remember. Go on swing your hips, put your hands on your hips and strut your sexy little walk. Remember to place one foot infront of the other like me, close your eyes and sway from side to side. 

Go on lie down on your back now and start to stroke yourself. We are just getting ready for the main course at present. I want you rock hard, and feeling as sexy as possible. Slide your hand over your sissy clit the way you usually do. It won't be long now before you do it in a completely different way, and you will be surprised how natural it will come to feel.
You want to cum? Well you'll have to do it my way and it isn't straight forward.

You see being a sissy is all about pleasing other people, and that may involve discomfort, frustration and even pain on your part.

But that is because you will be so desperate to serve your master or mistress.

Sorry to bring men into this, but you know deep down inside that is where all this will eventually lead day...won't it? 

I can tell you are licking your lips, The first thought you had was wow how is she going to take all of that and then you thought I wonder what it would feel like - your I can see you blushing. Your nervous giggle is sooo cute. 

You probably have to wait some time before you can just throw yourself back on the bed like this and expect someone to take you in their hands and manhandle you to a shattering orgasm.

You need to earn it. You need to please someone first and put your own desires second.

Masturbation then for you should always be linked to submission.

You should be in a position to serve and I think this is best achieved by getting down on your knees.

That's good, now rub your hands over your body concentrating on your little breasts and nipples. 

Imagine I am standing behind you and playing with your pert breasts. 

You need to teach your body to focus on more than just the sensations you can feel through your little sissy clit. Train your mind to think like a women to relish the feel of every part of your body.  

Imagine every sensation has pleasure - a little bit of pain is sooo sensual. 

Don't concentrate on your sissy clit . It won't give women much excitement, that's probably why you are here drooling over these images, doing what I tell you to make you more like me...giggle!

Are you blushing sweetie? It is about time you got in 
touch with your feminine side. My nipples always give me lots of pleasure. Pinch them, rub them, smack never fails to get my sissy clit and asspussy wet. Are you leaking yet? 

Obviously, being down in this position for a long time can be uncomfortable but it leaves you at the perfect height for the one thing sissies all crave.

You need to perfect this look of mine. 

Wide eyed, looking up through your fringe in expectation, lips wet, inviting and slightly parted. 

You can continue to stroke yourself like a man (hah!) but no cuming!

Now I am going to tell you where the sissy G-Spot is and how you will proceed from here.

You so want to be like a girl, and you must know real girls get our pleasure from one small button, the clitoris.

To find your sissy G-Spot, use one finger and slide it down under the end of your sissy clit to the point where the head meets the main shaft.

In this little fold here, is your sissy clit and there is more than enough to keep you happy.

From now on then it is one finger only, rubbing on your sissy button!

Your other hand is free to roam where it likes of course!

Frustrating isn't it. Your sissy cock flinches and jumps, but you WILL NOT use your other hand or fingers.

Just keep rubbing the same spot with your finger, like I am doing here. This is all about patience.

Why not slip the forefinger from your other hand in your mouth. In reality this is what you will really be doing. Rubbing yourself while pleasuring a cock with your lips.

If I shut my eyes I think of the teacher at school who took my 'virginity' with her strap on after I had had it rammed down my throat for what felt like hours.

Imagine if she walked in now. She was bigger and stronger than me, and I was terrified of her.

She was firm but gentle, and made me kneel down much like you now. 

She took my head and guided it on to her strap on. Then she slowly thrust her hips forward so it slid right to the back of my throat.

I choked at first and gagged, but as she continued I learned to relax.

Time and again she made me suck her tool, and I hate to admit it, but I started to enjoy it.

She ordered me to finger myself, and the first time I ever came in that position was a will find out soon.

Keep stroking yourself, with your will learn to enjoy this position.

Lick your lips and form them into an O. Imagine Mistress's strap on sliding into your wet and willing mouth.

One of my best friends loves this position as well. She taught me to spread my knees as wide apart as possible so that you feel really exposed.

Try it, stretch yourself. Once you are there carry on stroking.

You look so submissive down there.

Ready to serve. If any man saw you now, what an embarrassing sight you would make.

These gorgeous girls telling you to masturbate with one dainty little finger while you mimic sucking a cock!

Strip off your clothes now. Remove your panties so you can expose your ass.

With your free hand you can explore your sissy hole now. Lick your finger and slid it across your crack, teasing it open.

There are a lot of people who would love to fondle your ass, stroke, it smack it and probe into your velvety tunnel.

Slowly slide in your finger, all the time stroking your straining sissy stick.

Maybe you have a toy you could use, if not keep using your finger.

A woman has so many pleasure points, as a sissy you just need to learn where yours are.

Little by little they will contribute to your enjoyment.

You just need to turn on your sex senses, become aware of the tingling sensations from other parts of your body and away from your male-penis orientated world.

Slide your finger in and out.

Could this be you soon? 

Will you be looking into his eyes as you suck another mans cock?

Will you hear them all laugh as you take a cock into your mouth - knowing you don't care as long as you get his cum to swallow? 

Firm hands holding you in place, while a cock slides in an out of you, sending rippling sensations through your body.

You see, while it is frustrating using one finger to stroke yourself, you are forced to look for arousal from other sources.

But that insistent rubbing is working isn't it?

Have you got pre-cum dribbling down over the end helping to give you some lubrication?

Lean forward and give your thighs a stretch. Arch your back and offer your ass....

You are such a slut.

And the best kind of slut too, because your desire is getting the better of you now, isn't it?

You are getting to the point where you will do anything for release, anything.

Remember the reason you are on your knees, thighs spread wide, sissy cock dripping pre-cum is because this isn't all about you.

You are here to serve and only when you have serviced someone else can you gain release.

So part your lips, stick out your tongue and welcome a cock into your mouth.

Stare up into his eyes as you do it.

Down further and further, until it touches the back of your throat.

It's agonizing.

You so want to cum but you have to concentrate on pleasing him first.

Maybe you can feel your own orgasm building. It is different from normal isn't it? It really builds from deep down.

Your thighs tensing.

If you are lucky your man will take control now, bobbing your head backwards and forward down his shaft. Make sure it is well lubed with lots of spittle.

You must be getting close now, but you cannot cum until he has...or even better cum at the same time.

You cannot thrust your hips like a man, but that is part of the fun, part of the humiliation, that feeling of restriction.

Strain every part of your body as you seek that orgasm.

A quick breather and you are nearly there.

You can feel his breathing getting quicker, he is gasping, and moaning.

Can you cum at the same time? It will make him feel good about himself.

Your finger will be a blur as it pathetically rubs against the underside of your little clit.

You can almost hear yourself saying 'Yes, please, harder! harder!' You so wish someone was pounding your little G-Spot now don't you?

Now you can cum, but only using your finger.

Oh how sweet, how frustrating, how humiliating, a release but it does not give you complete satisfaction.

Your natural reaction is to thrust your hips forward but you can't, and your cock is screaming for attention but no, you can only use the one finger on your Sissy G-Spot.

Good girl.

Intense, humiliating, but you are left dangling a little bit aren't you.

Ruined, yet flushed.

Lick it up.

Next time will be even better. You will never go back from here.... 

With special thanks to Milovana for the inspiration. 


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  2. I am so trying this next time i get horny...

    Thanks for such lovely insight..

  3. Lovely post miss tabby, thank you !

  4. OOHH Tabby this is a very humiliating assignment dear Love this a lot

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  6. Where's the sissy g-spot? I don't find it. Help please

    1. Don't touch your clitty for about 2 weeks and its a lot easier. A chastity device is great for denying your old male ways.


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