Monday, 14 May 2012

It's true fairy tales do exist

I can't sleep, it is approx 5am UK time I have been home for just over an hour. My body is alive I can feel my skin - does that even make sense? I can feel my nipples, still erect my god they have been hard for ages my sissy clit - I am so wet. 

Sir has been sleeping almost since we got back - a quick whiskey and an order or two and then he went to bed. I am still wearing my clothes from yesterday evening, sans my very wet panties which are still around my ankle I am trembling, truly trembling. My I am blushing just thinking about yesterday. OMG was reserved for yesterday. 

Where do I start it is such a tangle of emotions sensations and simple disbelief - was it real?

I had heard about such things from other girls but never in a million years did I expect it to be true - not only is it true but those girls obviously had not been to one of Madam's events. 

Sir told be we were going out to wear something special and to make sure I was at my best. Simple enough instructions - I did as asked and waited at the stairs for him to descend at the allotted time. As always I curtsied and gave Sir a little twirl he smiled and nodded and then asked me to kneel - I licked my lips hoping to taste him but he lifted my hair and added a simple silver collar with a silver snake chain lead. 

I stood thanked him and he led me towards the car. No driver was waiting - strange? I turned to Sir but sensed questions would simply not do. 

The dress below is the one I wore it is divine and so darling. You have to feel uber confident to wear it as the material is so sheer it leaves you with no where to hide. 

We arrived in West London and drove into an underground carpark Sir asked me to alight and follow him I snuggled into my fur coat and strutted behind him. I liked to feel the lead pull tight every now and then so I would slow my walk enjoying my sensual swing of my hips. My day dream was broken as I heard Sirs name being called.


Sir stopped chuckled and turned to me with a wry smile. 

Darren he acknowledged 

Darren came into view a large portly man similar age to Sir in a well cut suit he looked impeccably dressed. They shook hands Darren also held a lead and this connected to a collar but he was leading a cute 20 something man dressed in what can only be described the tightest jump suit I have ever seen. 
The man, sissy kept his gaze to the floor so I followed and stood waiting for sir. A gently tug and I stepped forward, a quick and elegant curtsey to Sir and Darren.

My Hugo she is a little minx - well trained to. Sir smiled I Blushed. 
So daling what do you fancy buying tonight or are you being sold. 
My eyes widened a look of shock must have crossed my face I turned to Sir - Darren turned around and walked towards the door at the end of the garage. I started to speak and Sir shot me a look instant silence.

My head was actually spinning. Sex Auctions I had heard from Tgirls, Masters and Sissies over the years that there are Sex Auctions held twice a year where Masters, Slaves, Mistresses Gurls, Guys etc can trade themselves, their pets, slaves for money, ownership, service. Pretty much whatever the deal was. I had heard these places were totally out of control. 

Then a thought flashed across my girly mind was Sir selling me? Trading me? Was he board of me?

We stepped out of the lift and a stunning women dressed in the tightest latex dress took my coat and asked for my camera phone. 
We walked into the crowd. Sir turned to me and said. 

Tabby, My eyes wondered over the room the erotic nature of the scene had my heading spinning - I actually swooned. Sir held me upright and pushed me gently against the wall in the corner. He then slapped me hard across the face.  

Tabby he repeated 
Finally I had composed my self 
Yes Sir I responded 

1. DO NOT go home with anyone other than me
2. Stay away from Darren 
3. Buy anything you like tell them you are with me
4. Don't ask anyones name don't to take a picture with anyones phone you will be thrown out 
5. Later tonight don't blog a name or too many details we will not be asked back

Oh he said half smiling be good and don't be alarmed I am keeping you for now. 

I blushed like a silly girl and he handed me my lead and he strode off. 

I stood still for a while taking in the room every type of body shape, every type of sexual fetish, every type of everything my mind swooned and I just took it all in. I was handed a champagne flute and thanked the waiter who was bare chested wore a mask and a bow tie a pvc skirt and fishnet stockings and 5 inch heels. 
I smiled bit my lower lip and whispered to myself welcome home Tabby. 

I walked slowly watching everyone - past a stunning women dressed as a Dressage Horse Rider - she was a real beauty she sat astride a naked fat man on his knees he had a bit in his mouth and a horses (not sure what to call them and I did not want to ask after Sirs warning) head led and blinkers who was being sucked by three pony women his cock was huge. I blushed and walked on even the pets have pets I giggled to myself. 

I walked into a larger room and saw Sir I slowly walked towards him he was chatting to an older very dome women who was surrounded by lush looking guys. 

These images are representations I tried to find images that were close to the events of the evening and held some on the erotic nature of the event. 
The costumes were stunning the women the guys so lush. 

Somehow I sensed she was our host and I curtsied to Sir and her. She smiled and held my chin and tightly pulled me towards her. 
Let me get a look at the pet that has my HUGO so enthralled. Do you suck cock dear. 
I blushed and nodded as best I could as her grip was holding me tightly in place. Do you like my little Auction - I nodded she smiled this is a special one we hold it every 2 years. Have you been to the holding pens - Girls like you can have so much fun there. 
She looked past me at Sir and simple said Hugo may I. 
He nodded and patted me on the bottom and walked away. 

She released me and then took my arm and we walked arm in arm as she held my lead loosely and every now and then spun it absent-mindly. We entered a smaller room her gaggle of sissy men and lush muscular men followed us a step or two behind. 
In the centre of the room was a well know English TS - stunning Gurl naked apart from heels, collar and lead and she was furiously tugging at her sissy clit. 

My host spotted another female dom and we walked over to her I watched as my host chatted and a man on his knees came on her feet. 
There was a large puddle around her feet - several guys worth and three guys were licking it up while a fourth was wanting onto her feet. moaning like a girl on heat. 

My host continued to ignore me and speak to the other dom and I watched I took it all in. A 20 something chinese girl was dressed in a schoolgirl costume and she was desperately rubbing herself on the table leg and corner purring like a wanton whore she was intoxicating I watched her and felt my sissy clit leak. 

From nowhere a man walked towards her and pushed her to her knees lifted her chin and slapped her hard - my erotic seduction paused and shock slide into place. The girls face stung red and she laughed bit her lip and growled at him, he slapped her again and she purred. Kissed his hand and began to rub herself on his leg. 
in-between kissing and licking his shoes. 

I turned at my hosts tug of my lead to watch a beautiful women in the most stunning PA outfit drop to her knees and suck her masters cock as he continued to pour champagne into her mouth. 
Mouth full she stood up and he placed a small straw into her mouth and drank some of the champagne. 

My head spun, My host giggled. 
We watched as a sexy little trap was collared by an older women such a beautiful chocker. 

I blushed as I spanked two blondes hard I loved it I fingered her ass and made the other girl lick my finger clean. 

My host finally ended our tour in a small room. A huge man was tied to the wall his cock was horse like and his body full of welts, his nipples were pierced. He looked like an animal of a man his cock was shiny he had obviously been given a blow job and his still hard cock was slick with someones saliva. My host walked up to the man mountain and whispered in his ear his gaze was up to that point past me his eyes simply focusing on something far away. 
My host pointed at me he smiled she beckoned me and told me to turn around and bend over I did as I was told I felt my dress being raised and my knickers pulled to one side she held his cock at my entrance and then told me to step back onto him. I mubbled something about being to big when I felt an almighty slap on my exposed bottom I cried and impelled myself onto him.

I screamed.

Part 2 coming. I need sleep. 



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