Monday, 28 May 2012

Making the best of your body shape

Gurls, Gurls please I will do a body shape post. Several Gurls and several more sissies have all been in touch. Tabby help what would you do, what would you wear if you were a little overweight. 

Gurls I know it is hard but eat less, eat healthy and as long as you use more energy than you consume you will stay trim. 

For those that want to know 
I do yoga every day
A little running not too much 
Very low weights but high repetition keeps me firm but without building muscle 
Lots of bum and tummy and thigh work 
And lots of sex blushing it does help. 

Ok This post assumes several things
1. You are smooth all over
2. You regular dress and understand the basics
3. You have breast forms or real breasts
4. You have several outfits and lingerie 
5. You are in a flirty girly mood. 

We all come in many different shapes and sizes. The most important rule is understanding and accepting what you are and making the most of it. If you are comfortable with being exposed and being overweight well then... you go girl. 

However many Gurls are not. This post will help you 'sissy, Gurl, Tgirl and Girl' alike make the most of your assets and hide those you are not keen on. 

Detail of typical body shapes - which are you. 

I have listed out the key shapes below in the graphic - these tend to cover most women. 

The Banana (giggle) - Blushing like a schoolgirl. 
Typical shape a a Tgirl, sissy or Gurl take advantage of your slender form and long limbs 

Outfits that work for you. 

Structure ladies anything that creates shape. We need that femm look and no faking DD's is just silly. Corsets and well tailored clothing to nip and tuck you in just the right spot. 

Another wonderful example use the high waisted skirt to nip you in, this creates the illusion of hips and married with a tight wool top your as cute as a button. 

Your shape means you can get away with the most femm and yummy undies but remember to buy a size smaller the excess material which has been cut to fit a women's form will hang lose if that is not the intended style then buys a size smaller squeeze in your breast or forms and enjoy that special feeling lingerie can give you. 

Lingerie designed to be more flowing will suit you best look for baby doll styles where the top is tight and fitted and the skirt element flares away in an a-line cut. 

Avoid this style you don't have the curves and this look will just look silly on you. 

The Apple possibly the most difficult shape try to avoid any clothing that is tight unless it is well made and fitted - bikini's are a no and anything that requires your body shape to hold in place should be avoided 

Tight corsets, structure and shape giving clothing. Remember to wear similar colours so you can try to blend your top and bottom half to create the illusion of length. 

Use stronger foundation garments to smooth you out have fun with those outfits they can easily be made to have a fetish or more playful feel. 

Lots of layers, lace and frills can hid many sins. Take advantage of your shape and show off your assets as a bigger Gurl you can afford to have bigger breasts and or forms - corsets are wonderful way of getting that buxom heaving bosom we all love to see in period drama's. Oh Mister Darcy...swoon, giggle. 

Simple elegant and confident goes a long long way. Oh and super high heels to elongate your silhouette 

Gurls I don't need to tell you simply avoid anything like this 

The Pear most women are in this category wear clothes that pull the attention to your top half - show of your slender parts and let a-line shapes soften your bottom half.

Show off your assets and let your less than better half be hidden in simple a-lines 

You can get away with this if you are feeling brave. 

This is a perfect outfit and one that highlights the best parts and forgives other parts. 

The Hourglass - well aren't you the lucky bitch! Wear what ever you want. 



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