Sunday, 13 May 2012

On Mr Black's insistance

As many of you know I have a little thing about Air Hostesses - Sir has mulled around with the idea of hiring a private jet just so I can live out one of my fantasies. A little more on that later. Well finally this weekend he said to me enough - Tabby come here within seconds I was on his knee, skirt hiked up panties down around my knees and the spanking ensued. Right my little arrogant slut I want you to tell me and then the world why you can not stop talking about Air Hostesses. 

Between gentle sobs I nodded. Sir kissed one of my redden cheeks. Stood me up and told me to right my attire and fix my makeup and to return to him with a bottle of Borolo a glass and his cigars. 

Upon my return he told me to sit at his feet as he patted my head and played with my hair. 

We sat in silence for a while and he then said begin in his most commanding voice. The next few paragraphs are my attempt at expressing my feelings and thoughts...

I have done the maid thing, the schoolgirl thing, nurse and whore but I find them a little well childish and lacking in depth. I know some Gurls and Guys still get a great kick out of it but I find the sophistication of a PA or Bride has something much more sensual about it. 

As a PA not only do I get to dress as a sensual women, but the choices are mine unlike a uniform the selection of the underwear, the shoes and accessories are all mine. Then the role I get to be subservient but not in a bland maid like way more helpful much more grown up the feelings of femininity are intoxicating. 

As a Stewardess yes there is a uniform which I do find sexy but they can select the underwear. The larger element of the fantasy is the friendships, the relationships. 

I guess it all started here with this amazing illustration called Futa Air. Gurls I defy anyone to not find this sexy. 

Yes I know some of these images are not real some are from another era but isn't that the point of a fantasy. 

I see images like these and wonder what they get up to in the hotel and my blush naughty little minx of a mind runs wild. I love the freedom, the ability to re-invent yourself. 

I am anyone I want to be and Gurls isn't that intoxicating isn't that wonderfully yummy? 

Imagine after a long haul flight snuggling into bed with your best girlfriend - chatting till the early morning about men. Imagine planning out the next evening meeting the pilots. Sharing makeup tips and ideas, sharing lingerie, dresses everything. 

I guess at the end of the day what I still long for is real female companions and experiences. I count myself lucky, my transformation is pretty realistic and on most days totally passable - but I have not yet broken into the inner sanctum of womanhood. I would love to hear from Genetic Women and their thoughts on this idea. 

All right I will sell the BA shares and get a little Lear Jet - You better sort out a uniform then?? (Mr Black)


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