Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sir where will this all end?

Well yes, I am afraid you are all probably going to come to a sticky end eventually. But take heart I do think you are all going to enjoy it. Oh yes it will be a bit sticky but by then you will like it. 

Don't you agree Miss Jones?

Wow Sir you really know how to get straight to the heart of the matter with us Gurls. 

Yes we all secretly long for a man to take us and make mad passionate love to us. To have our femm bodies wrapped tightly in his manly arms which Gurl would say no to that. 

We fear that final act of submission because it is the final barrier, the final curtain drawn open to the intoxicating light of womanhood. We fear it so much because that tiny little spark of manhood is still there before this act as silly as it sounds there is hope a Gurl might find her way back to being manly. We know once we have tasted that "sticky end" like a honey bee an nectar or a kitten with a bowl of cream we simply won't be able to say no to that way of life. As much as we want it we fear it. Sir is sooo right Gurls we all cum to a sticky end. But what he has not told you is where you go to next. 

Well ladies let me enlighten you all.

As you bask in the glow of your first female orgasm you can still feel his heat inside you, you can feel his cum slowly trickling out of your asspussy and dripping slowly onto your inner thigh the feeling is amazing you feel yourself aching for him to be in you, you feel empty a sense of lose you bite your lip knowing you want him to take you agin you feel his weight on you his cock is soft now he is breathing deeply and slowly you know he is asleep. You smile and slide gently out of bed as you stand you feel his cum slide out and run slowly down your inner thigh. You enter the bathroom and sit on the loo your cum stained panties around your ankle you feel sore, you wipe yourself clean and those your shameful, sissy cum filled knickers in the laundry basket and put on a fresh pair you giggle as you know realise why girls always have a panty liner to hand. You slide the knickers up your sexy legs and wiggle that ever so pert bottom into them and return to your man you lie on his thigh and gently play with his cock, sleep takes you...

Sounds wonderful but eventually you break up with him and your feel awful but one day at a club, coffee shop or even at a party you meet the next guy.

Now things get interesting...

Your new mind set is so much more femm your virginity is taken your more confident you know what you want and more you know how to show it. Guys start appearing out of the wood work your sassy, cute and a creature of true sensuality and femininity.

You begin to grow as a women your thoughts change, clothing remains important but you drift away from the bimbo facade, the maids outfit, the cliche schoolgirl all valid but they somehow are pushed to the back of your wardrobe and only see the light of day when you are being silly or feel like playing. 

You no longer act like a women you are one. 
You begin to seek female company, you become close to female friends in a way you never thought possible. Some lucky Gurls make real friendships and travel, explore, indulge in the real feminine world. 

You no longer play at dressing up and strut around your home alone drinking wine and feeling humiliated, shameful as you play with your clit - your a women and your adore the dressing and the preparation for a night out with your friends. 

You go on holidays together 

You experiment and giggle and blush about that silly night 

You talk about guys and how they make you all feel - things they do their cocks, their prowess nothing is off limits. 

The day finally arrives and you burst into tears when she your best female friend asks you to be her bridesmaid - you plan her hen night and you all have an amazing night 

Your female part grows she developed hobbies, ideas of her own she becomes a real person. 

She makes like minded friends. They introduce you to a new guy.

You submit to this new man he is everything to you when he takes you your mind slips away and your nothing but moans and panting your inner self a sea of pleasure as orgasm after orgasm flows through you. 

You love him and with all your body every single atom, every single thought, every single desire you want to please him you long for his cum to fill you and you.

A sticky end yes, but a wonderfully glorious one. 

My very good friend Mr Fidelenrich, 'that oh so talented artist' from Barcelona, has just sent through a little personal sketch of Mr Black and Miss Jones in the office together, just a typical staff disciplinary meeting as usual. The likeness is uncanny!
         Well please do all go and see his work, apart from being stunningly drawn his work is 'Oh, tan caliente' and I know you will not be disappointed. (Mr Black)
Do click on his name above to visit his sketch book blog

Friday, 20 July 2012

Olympic sluts - giggle


 I have no idea why but this had me giggling like a school girl. I adore her she is such a perfect women, strong confident and soooo femm. Soooo looking forward to the Olympics.

I rathe like her gurly jiggle - she can stride my hurdle anytime. (Mr Black)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Now that I am back.

Where was I?

Sir you were gone too long and I was getting very very upset. I have finished the research you asked for on the girls. 

A little something from Paris

Found these, and thought of you, so I bought half a dozen pairs. I suppose it is all the discipline I have to do. - x (Mr Black)

Oh sir they are scrummy sooo met thank you xxx