Thursday, 7 June 2012

She is sooo hot

I adore her she is sooo hot! Her blog is divine and a total disgrace giggle - Love her like I do

Visit her blog now!

A Highly imaginative girl I must say. Tabitha you do find them and I thought my friends were exotic. Could you arrainge for her to come round for some tea and crumpets

The aformentioned 'Little Miss Disgrace'

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Inside your minds eye

Imagine being able to look inside your minds eye, to strip away everything and see yourself for what you truly are - a through the keyhole experience if you will. Are you really that sensual women. Or some cute teen losing her virginity for the first time? 

Stop a moment and give this a little thought ladies. Dare you look through the keyhole of your desires? What will you find in the dark corners of your femininity - what are you hiding and what will you allow into the light. 

As always sisters I will take the journey with you. I will explore my own little dark mind - Hold my hand a lets take a walk inside Tabby. 
(I may still be a little merry from celebrations will explain a little later - warning this walk could get wild) 

Sorry this is going to be a little unconstructed I have no idea where to start. It was an idea from Sir via a brief telephone conversation late at night and I am feeling a little dizzy and tired. 

What am I? What do I want to be? What kind of women do I really want to be? Wow this is hard Gurls I am trying to be open and honest but my thoughts are very jumbled. 

I know some things so lets start there - I want to be lusted after, adored, worshiped. I want people all of you to need me to want to be with me, to want to read my blog and read about me. I want to be a trophy, whistled at and wanted. 

I want to be confident and ooze sex appeal. I want that glow a sexy women has after she has had a real good seeing to. Blush. I want to be a show off. 
I want to make money from my looks and be famous. I want to be chased by photographers, I want to fall out of clubs at unearthly hours. 

I want to be a sex symbol. I want to be accepted.

I want my lovers to whisper about my prowess and marvel at my ability to make them feel wonderful

I want to try everything. I want to be a slut, whore a total wanton bitch. The whore of the group of friends - the slut the one that will do anything. 
I want my friends to marvel at me and deep down to be disgusted. 

I want to be playful and femm, loving and submissive.

I want to be someones pet and have my own pets.

I want a mistress I want to be in female company I want to learn from real women

I want to feel a real female orgasm. 

I want everything a women experiences from losing her virginity in her teens to being a bride on her honeymoon.

I wish I could truly explore my femininity and not just play act. I want a man to look at me while I queue in a shop and wonder what it is like to bed me I want to look at a guy and lick my lips and wonder if his cock shows as much promise as his body does. 

I wish I could magically transform into the girl inside my head. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Trying to find a friend

Gurls I have been without Sir now for over 2 weeks he is buying property abroad and has promised me a huge surprise to make up for his lack of attention that I demand giggle. 

POSTCARD FROM AFAR: Just checking in Tabitha I will be back sooner than you expect so do not fret. (Mr Black)
I have tried to go on some of Sirs work projects and even tried for a while to be his PA but it is sooo boring and the morning meetings are such a pain. To be honest I would rather shop. 

Some of you may have read my old blog and a subject that I kept re-visiting is Tgirls / Sissies and Gurls do not have a chance with real Girls. 

Ok what do I mean - Can a Gurl like me be friends with a real Girl 

Can I go out for a meal with 3 other women and have a normal girly evening a little dancing a little drinking and a little meal? 

Answer NO 

There are far too many hurdles, issues and there is of course society which puts the horrid brakes on and says without any pity or understanding - get back in your pigeon holes. 

So I thought shall I try a simple experiment 

I found a friendly and open dating forum and began to chat. 

I set my rules and stuck to them

1. I must be honest 
2. I am looking for friendship 
3. I could meet a lesbian or straight girl but not a Tgirl
4. I would limit my time online in this forum to 3 hours and that would make the end of the experiment 

So I posted an image and profile 

I had several women (well I assumed they were) tell me I was disgusting and why was I in a normal chat room. One clever lady sent me a link to a tgirl chat room I of course thanked her for her assistance. 

About 12 girls hit on me. One youngish man suggested I need his cock in my ass so hard that I would bleed and walk funny for a week. 

I wrote back that perhaps he should try desperately to grow up to which he responded that I was a fag. 

It took approx 1 hour and 22 mins but I finally got a message from Susan. 

Again if she is to be believed she is a 40 something English rose. She is divorced, works in a local bank as admin staff in middle management and is trying to put her life back together. She had left her husband because she wanted to explore herself We chatted for a while and it became apparent she had led a very very sheltered life.

We arranged to meet.

Somewhere in public and somewhere safe - if you do this please make sure you are safe and in public. 

So I sat there checking my phone, drinking a skinny latte and checking my lippy in my compact for about an hour. 

No show. 

I went home 

'As I sit here in the sun with a cool pina colada in hand I am weeping tears of sadness for you Miss Jones' (Mr Black)

So I ask you all out there in the internet is there a genetic women who is friendly, open and fun that wants to chat with a Tgirl via email or messenger. I am happy to meet once you feel ok. 
I am not looking for a relationship - just friendship someone to share my thoughts and gossip with over a virtual or real coffee. 

Is that too much to ask?

Learning to adore his cum

A sticky subject (giggle) one that I have had many discussions with Sir's well lets call them pets. Most Gurls true Sissies and Tgirls all seem to have developed a love of cum. 
'See the very bottom for my comment' (Mr Black)
In fact I would go as far as to say - can you be a sissy, Tgirl or Gurl and not like cum?

Ladies listen this is important. When a man cums on you it is like an animal scenting his territory, scenting his mate owning her. If you show a dislike for this natural order of things then - deep down you hurt him. It is a rejection. 

Now you are a sissy a slut and Tgirl in need of a real man you are designed to accept his cum. When you feel it on your skin, in your mouth you should feel more complete more femm. 

Treat is as a treat, a reward for pleasing your man. You should be happy as he explodes all over his sissy pet. The experience of his hot cum splashing inside you, on you should be one of pleasure. He knows you are his little girly girl.

Understanding where your man likes to mark you shows him you love and worship him and his cock and also allows you to have fun with his cum. Yes do let him cum in your mouth and do swallow enjoy it milk him but also explore the other options.  

I adore kneeling in front of Sir and thanking him for coming on my face and then my mouth. Its so yummy and makes me feel very femm. It really is sooo girly. 

I love using my fingertips to push the little drops into my mouth and I keep Sir gaze while I do this he smiles as I lick my lips and giggle. 

Blushing as I devour the last few strings of his cum hanging from his wonderful cock. 

Cum can be very alkaline and can burn so please Gurls keeps those eyes closed. Especially is it's Sir's first cum of the night he has rather a heavy load - get to know your man and his needs. Sir is normally happy once he has cum three to four times.

Something I love to do with the new Gurls is to take Sir's load into my mouth and then feed the Gurl Sir's cum. I adore the shock look on their faces. 

On very rare occasions Sir will call me to his bedroom and lying on his bed will be a Genetic Female she will be hot from love making lying on her back legs spread wide purring from Sirs pounding Sir will be standing sipping from his brandy glass and holding a cigar he simply points at her. 

I know what to do I kneel between her hot thighs I can still smell Sir on her. I look for a moment at her bruised and well used pussy and wonder if my ass pussy looks as well used when Sir has finished with me. I blush and then begin to lick Sir's seed from her body. I gently nuzzle her mound and nibble her clit as I clean her with my tongue she purrs and winces the additional pleasure is too much and she moans - I then feel Sir slide into me fully deeply and I moan. 

Part of my role is to help some Gurls acclimatise. Sir has a fondness for very convincing Gurls that well lets say have had very little exposure to a Master.  One thing I adore doing is feeding new Gurls Direct from Sir's cock. 

So for those Gurls that can't quite make the leap into cum loving sissy sluts - follow my little guide and enjoy. 

Texture is mostly the issue. 90% of complaints from Gurls so ladies get used to it by drinking your own. Yes his is more thick, more manly but your sissy supply is a great place to start. 

Then I would recommend gently introducing taste tests - encourage your man to cum on your lips a little lick his cum taste it with your tongue. Get used to the heat, the smell. 

Each time he cums on your face take a little more in show him you are enjoying the experience. 

Now you're ready to let him invade your mouth let him scent you as he sees fit. 

The day you take his entire load and let his cum fill your mouth and taste him then swallow. Will please him and make you feel sooo femm. 

And then you can explore the possibilities, you are ready to truly become his Sissy Slut.

'Well Tabitha you have been paying attention and I am sure any lesser man would probably feel a little self conscious at such close quartered observation and evaluation, but not I, you are becoming really quite adept at you serving duties and I shall look forward to your consummate assistance as I continue to mark my territory with my personal scent' (Mr Black)