Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Trying to find a friend

Gurls I have been without Sir now for over 2 weeks he is buying property abroad and has promised me a huge surprise to make up for his lack of attention that I demand giggle. 

POSTCARD FROM AFAR: Just checking in Tabitha I will be back sooner than you expect so do not fret. (Mr Black)
I have tried to go on some of Sirs work projects and even tried for a while to be his PA but it is sooo boring and the morning meetings are such a pain. To be honest I would rather shop. 

Some of you may have read my old blog and a subject that I kept re-visiting is Tgirls / Sissies and Gurls do not have a chance with real Girls. 

Ok what do I mean - Can a Gurl like me be friends with a real Girl 

Can I go out for a meal with 3 other women and have a normal girly evening a little dancing a little drinking and a little meal? 

Answer NO 

There are far too many hurdles, issues and there is of course society which puts the horrid brakes on and says without any pity or understanding - get back in your pigeon holes. 

So I thought shall I try a simple experiment 

I found a friendly and open dating forum and began to chat. 

I set my rules and stuck to them

1. I must be honest 
2. I am looking for friendship 
3. I could meet a lesbian or straight girl but not a Tgirl
4. I would limit my time online in this forum to 3 hours and that would make the end of the experiment 

So I posted an image and profile 

I had several women (well I assumed they were) tell me I was disgusting and why was I in a normal chat room. One clever lady sent me a link to a tgirl chat room I of course thanked her for her assistance. 

About 12 girls hit on me. One youngish man suggested I need his cock in my ass so hard that I would bleed and walk funny for a week. 

I wrote back that perhaps he should try desperately to grow up to which he responded that I was a fag. 

It took approx 1 hour and 22 mins but I finally got a message from Susan. 

Again if she is to be believed she is a 40 something English rose. She is divorced, works in a local bank as admin staff in middle management and is trying to put her life back together. She had left her husband because she wanted to explore herself We chatted for a while and it became apparent she had led a very very sheltered life.

We arranged to meet.

Somewhere in public and somewhere safe - if you do this please make sure you are safe and in public. 

So I sat there checking my phone, drinking a skinny latte and checking my lippy in my compact for about an hour. 

No show. 

I went home 

'As I sit here in the sun with a cool pina colada in hand I am weeping tears of sadness for you Miss Jones' (Mr Black)

So I ask you all out there in the internet is there a genetic women who is friendly, open and fun that wants to chat with a Tgirl via email or messenger. I am happy to meet once you feel ok. 
I am not looking for a relationship - just friendship someone to share my thoughts and gossip with over a virtual or real coffee. 

Is that too much to ask?


  1. Just a thought. Most people become friends because they laugh at the same joke, not because they like the labels that people have hung on them. Have you ever tried taking a class (cooking, art, etc) to just meet random people?


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