Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Thank you

I wanted to say thank you to a yummy Sissy girl I admire. You can visit her blog here:


If you are interested in well written and wonderfully femm crafted sissy stories please buy her books. 

I can not wait to read the Sissy Pilot. As you all know I adore the air hostess uniform check it out here


'Isn't it time we reveiwed you work attire Miss Jones, It has been becoming a little dare I say ... inapropriate? Would you like to take the challenge on board and make a presentation to me when I get back, my own private fashion show of your suggestions ... yes that sounds like good use of your time' (Mr Black)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Making the best of your body shape

Gurls, Gurls please I will do a body shape post. Several Gurls and several more sissies have all been in touch. Tabby help what would you do, what would you wear if you were a little overweight. 

Gurls I know it is hard but eat less, eat healthy and as long as you use more energy than you consume you will stay trim. 

For those that want to know 
I do yoga every day
A little running not too much 
Very low weights but high repetition keeps me firm but without building muscle 
Lots of bum and tummy and thigh work 
And lots of sex blushing it does help. 

Ok This post assumes several things
1. You are smooth all over
2. You regular dress and understand the basics
3. You have breast forms or real breasts
4. You have several outfits and lingerie 
5. You are in a flirty girly mood. 

We all come in many different shapes and sizes. The most important rule is understanding and accepting what you are and making the most of it. If you are comfortable with being exposed and being overweight well then... you go girl. 

However many Gurls are not. This post will help you 'sissy, Gurl, Tgirl and Girl' alike make the most of your assets and hide those you are not keen on. 

Detail of typical body shapes - which are you. 

I have listed out the key shapes below in the graphic - these tend to cover most women. 

The Banana (giggle) - Blushing like a schoolgirl. 
Typical shape a a Tgirl, sissy or Gurl take advantage of your slender form and long limbs 

Outfits that work for you. 

Structure ladies anything that creates shape. We need that femm look and no faking DD's is just silly. Corsets and well tailored clothing to nip and tuck you in just the right spot. 

Another wonderful example use the high waisted skirt to nip you in, this creates the illusion of hips and married with a tight wool top your as cute as a button. 

Your shape means you can get away with the most femm and yummy undies but remember to buy a size smaller the excess material which has been cut to fit a women's form will hang lose if that is not the intended style then buys a size smaller squeeze in your breast or forms and enjoy that special feeling lingerie can give you. 

Lingerie designed to be more flowing will suit you best look for baby doll styles where the top is tight and fitted and the skirt element flares away in an a-line cut. 

Avoid this style you don't have the curves and this look will just look silly on you. 

The Apple possibly the most difficult shape try to avoid any clothing that is tight unless it is well made and fitted - bikini's are a no and anything that requires your body shape to hold in place should be avoided 

Tight corsets, structure and shape giving clothing. Remember to wear similar colours so you can try to blend your top and bottom half to create the illusion of length. 

Use stronger foundation garments to smooth you out have fun with those outfits they can easily be made to have a fetish or more playful feel. 

Lots of layers, lace and frills can hid many sins. Take advantage of your shape and show off your assets as a bigger Gurl you can afford to have bigger breasts and or forms - corsets are wonderful way of getting that buxom heaving bosom we all love to see in period drama's. Oh Mister Darcy...swoon, giggle. 

Simple elegant and confident goes a long long way. Oh and super high heels to elongate your silhouette 

Gurls I don't need to tell you simply avoid anything like this 

The Pear most women are in this category wear clothes that pull the attention to your top half - show of your slender parts and let a-line shapes soften your bottom half.

Show off your assets and let your less than better half be hidden in simple a-lines 

You can get away with this if you are feeling brave. 

This is a perfect outfit and one that highlights the best parts and forgives other parts. 

The Hourglass - well aren't you the lucky bitch! Wear what ever you want. 

Why being bitchy helps you to be more femm

Really Tabby, Bitchy that sooo 90's. Giggle. I know Gurls it is hard enough being a Sissy, Tgirl, Gurl without having your own Gurl Kind being horrid. But I do think a little bitchy goes a long way to help femm our thinking. 

Women hold grudges, women bitch, women judge and women on the whole can be very very hurtful. 

Men fight, shout and then shake hands and have a drink. 

Think about all those US teen drama's all the popular girls they are all ultra femm and they are all bitches. 

Too much of a good things is bad. Yes there is a line ladies. I have fallen foul of this several dances, evenings out etc and I have done that horrid thing where you eye a girl up and down and the inner monologue starts - Yuck shoes, Pink with that body, OMG who is she trying to kid and so on. There is a line lets try and not be nasty. Just a little bitchy. 

An example of the two genders at work. 
This clip below shows the difference 

A man will laugh and then feel sorry for the model

A women will show concern and then feel that the model deserves to suffer like that. 


A man wants the chance to mate with a model they are after all at the top of the true the Alpha Girl if you will. So an Alpha male will laugh and then help and show concern 

A women if she is not a model will gasp and say and show signs of concern but deep down she is adoring the models distress as it takes down the Alpha Girl and gives her a Beta Girl that one chance of snagging an Alpha Male. 

What should a sissy, Tgirl, Gurl feel? Well we should side on the female response. In truth unless we have a particularly flexible and willing Alpha Male we will be selected last. Thats why women have developed bitchiness they use it to blur the lines and snag the Alpha Male. 

I hear you all asking - So how does a Gurl like me use it Tabby?

Well firstly it's Miss Tabby - giggle. And that really depends...

Here is a series of images you need to be honest and express how and what you feel in each one:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

If you felt 

1. I wish I was them - lucky cows 

2. Yummy - that looks so nice. So want to try that feel it - why can't I be a women / born a women so unfair 

3. I hope that hurts - shame filling you slowly and the thought turns into wish that was me - the drift is there but somehow you don't notice one minute you are enjoying her pain the look on her face the next you are wondering what it would be like to be in her shoes.

4. Oh my how wonderful to fully submit to let someone else control everything must sooo amazing to feel like she does - to be made to feel like that by a real man.

5. I wish I had a mistress / master I would so be a better pet than her

6. Dying to know what it feels like to have a clit to feel a female orgasm to know that pleasure a women feels to totally lose oneself in waves of pleasure - why do they get everything it is so unfair

7. I sooo want to be that full - does it hurt, what is it like it must go into her stomach it is so long what, how does a girl take a cock like that 

Then deep deep down your thoughts shame you I can't be him I am pathetic as a man and I can't be her I am nothing why can't I be her...

Leave your comments let me know how close you are to the thoughts above my little sissy. 

Examining the sensuality of sexiness

Most Gurls long to explore the sexy side of womanhood. Their desires, dreams to express the true women they feel inside. 

They dream about being ultra femm and most of all convincing. 

But for us Gurls the added complication of being femm is simply not enough we need, desire to be sexual. 

Admit it Gurl you want to be one of those irresistibly alluring women who can seduces any man or women with her smouldering eyes, her charm and beauty

Admit it darlings you all want to be SEXY. 

Some of us Gurls have a slightly distorted view of what SEXY is but I think we all know what it is not. 

Being overly obvious with your pose, clothing attitude is not sexy - rather that is a parody of womanhood we are not clowns so stop acting and dressing like them 

Huge amounts of red lipstick 
Super short skirts and stripper heels outside of the bedroom
Showing obscene amount of cleavage 
Pouting lips and sticking your pert cute ass out 

Not Sexy 

They are silly bimbo - esq ideals of sexiness - childish boy fantasies of what a women really is. 

Sexy is a state of mind - its that inner spark that radiates from within and makes a women truly confident and attractive. 

So ladies pour that glass of white wine, sit back cross those ever so long and shapely legs, enjoy the feeling as your stocking tops are gently held in place by your suspender belt and lets explore the sensuality of sexiness. 

Everything you do, every move from buckling up your Mary janes' to walking along the street should be an act of sensual exploration 

Slip into your have heels - just holding those heels gives you a thrill it should do they exude sensuality why do you think women adore them and men like to fuck Gurls / Girls in them.  The higher the better 

Slide your foot into the leather shoe feel how it forces your foot into position how it extends your legs pushes you, forces you into that ever so yummy position. 

I don't want you to think you're a women I want you to feel it KNOW IT EXUDE IT GURL. 

Say it out loud.


Breath deeply now is your heart racing is your tummy full of butterflies - good. 

Right now without thinking look at her strutting her stuff tell me say out out loud what would you give to be her. What would you do to feel like her to know how it feels to be her? 

Hold that thought babe...

Drink it in feel it grow in your minds eye now tell us all imagine we are all sitting around you chatting drinking wine and gossiping what would you do share your thoughts my pretty little sissy slut. 

Thank you

Because you have all been so sweet and supportive I have decided to treat you all.

1. Print out the picture in the post

2. Wear the most pretty lingerie you have 

3. Recite the words in the image remembering to add Miss Tabby needs me to.... 

4. Cum as hard as you can with your sissy clit and sissy cum on the picture 

5. If you are brave take a picture of yourself and the cum covered picture and send it to me ask for my email in the comments box and I will send it 

6. If you are not brave enough take off all the lingerie spread it out on the bed along with the picture and your sissy cum and again ask for my email. 

The best submission will win a wonderful prize.
For those that don't feel able to take part please try the task and report back in the comments on how it made you feel. I am most interested in how humiliated you felt after you came. 

Now be a good Gurl and run along and complete the task. 

(I will only share those images I have been given permission to - I am very sensitive to privacy so gurls please keep the hysterics to a minimum and enjoy) 

Miss Tabby. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Gurls, Guys, Girls - no comments - no interaction I am beginning to think no one is interested please feed back. 

I am feeling a little sensitive as Sir has abandoned me because of work and I am so board of the stupid sluts at the house.

If you my readers have also left me I will simply stomp my feet and cry.  

'No more stomping and crying, go and buy a new outfit and put it on the corporate credit card - But you have to post a picture of it on here so I can think of you stomping and stropping around the office in it' (Mr Black)

Big or Small?

Ladies should a Tgirl, Sissy, Gurl et al have a small sissy clit or a big sissy clit? 

What do you think works well on Gurls like us. My preference is small. Please leave a comment and also add in your gender so we can begin to build up an understanding of what Gurls like us have to live up to. 

Big or Small Ladies, Gents?
Well I preferred my gurls to be that special size that one considers to be part little angel and part little devil, compact, pert and well behaved. Not overly keen on the gargantuan variety it always makes it feel like there is an extra person in the room' (Mr Black)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

One Wish

A little game. It' s simple you have one single, beautiful, wonderful, amazing wish. 

You can do anything with this wish. Tell us all what you would do. 

My wish oh that is so simple I would adore to be her for the day. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Is there Tgirl specific Porn?

As you all know from my previous blog you lovely, stunning Gurls, Tgirls, Sissies all send wonderful images, pictures, thoughts and ideas to me. 

Last night I was sitting at home. To be honest I was pretty upset with Sir. I have not seen him for a few days and worst yet not had a call. He emailed me this morning some instructions regarding the house and a number of letters he would be sending to me to type up and post - I hate it when he works all the hours. As I said I was sitting at home trying to sort out my laptop tidying away images and ideas for posts when I noticed a trend. 

Blonde girls may want to look away giggle - heres the science bit giggle. 

I normally receive approx 200 images a week from readers. I would estimate over 50% of my readers followers are male sissies. That 50% equals approx 60 readers / fans so each fan is sending me approx 3.3 images. This last 4 weeks worth of images I had not really looked at so I started to tidy them away into my usual categories and I noticed that of the approx 1,000 images over 90% fell into white sissies and Tgirls with Black Guys. 

I was a little taken aback and this got me thinking. 
We all know there is a lot of genres of Porn. There are even specific channels and styles of porn for sub cultures which is then split further into gay, bi, lesbian and straight porn. 

Now we all know the stereotype - black guys = bigger cocks. True or not there is a certain something going on here. 

One sissy a stunning little slut called Samantha she is a real regular and has been sending me images with notes for about 2 years. Sent me several images along with this note. 

'Hi Tabby,
I am not sure why I adore the idea of riding a huge fat black cock but I think it is because as a sissy I adore being taken by a real man and something about black guys make me feel they are more men. 
Does that make sense.

Love Sammy your little sissy slut for ever. xxx'

Now that is an interesting idea Sammy. Does this mean our little slutty Sammy has inadvertently created Tgirl / Sissy porn? 

Here are the images Sammy sent through. Gurls what do you think? I would love to know if there is a growing group of sissies and gurls using this style of porn for pleasure. 

'Well Miss Jones it seems your thoughts on Black men seem to have left out 'Men of Black' While I am Black by name and less by nature, I cannot support your thoughts that any one shade of gentleman is more manly than another. A man is measured by his command, his ability to take charge and inflict his will. It invariable follows that these men tend to have girth and guild, and a quality to their personal swords to match. I think the fascination is more to do with contrast of skin and the sense of being subversive to something that is intrinsically very different to themselves (usually a white sissy gurl). Do black sissy gurls dream of big boned white guys? (Mr Black)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Things that make me go MMMMMM

I have not seen Sir for a few days. That man is all work work work. Then he comes home with another slut wannabe and I have to train her, show her the ropes, teach her to suck cock well. Sometimes I need a little break - ladies when I need a break I tend to shop giggle. This weekend I spent a small fortune (more about that in another post). To make life easy I stayed in Sir's apartment in the city. That night I watched a little TV and tried on several of my purchases and pouted, pranced and posed my way around the flat. 

This got me thinking - so I sat at Sir's desk and launched my profile and began to type. What makes me go MMMMM - blush I think we all know what I mean by MMMM. 

I would love to know what makes you all go MMMM - I have listed mine do list yours in the comments ladies I am dying to know what the top 50 Gurls turn ons are. 

In no particular order mine are:

Deeply kissing another women while playing with my breasts. 
Works for me and I have seen you go mmmmmm to this one - (Mr Black)

Having my breasts and or bottom spanked - The latter being something I have to do a little too much' (Mr Black)

Having my nipples gently rubbed - Gently?(Mr Black)

Putting on a beautiful lace bra and adjusting it to fit - Mmmmmmm (Mr Black)

Being fucked by a real cock while he pulls my hair and my breasts bounce.  More Mmmmmmm (Mr Black)

Being truly submissive. Releasing control to him.  Is there any other way? (Mr Black)

Knowing I am being watched and lusted after - feeling eyes looking into me wanting me, undressing me. That is sooo intoxicating.   Every time you trounce and prance across my office floor I would suggest. (Mr Black)

Standing on Sir's toes to kiss him. 
Don't put on any weight or I will have to buy you a stool. (Mr Black)

Wearing the most divine lingerie, knowing that my underwear is so sensual and seductive. Feeling that confidents it gives me.  Nothing else my dear. (Mr Black)

Waking up naked in silken sheets after Sir has ravaged my body to a tray of morning Lady Grey tea bought in by the maid.

Wiggling out of my underwear. Always fun to watch this one. (Mr Black)

Waiting for him - I cannot help it I am a busy man (Mr Black)

Playing footsie - Mandatory. Mr Black)

Being a little minx - Mmmmm (more of a resigned sigh than an exclamation of lust on this one) (Mr Black)

  Pulling my knickers from between my buttocks.  Mmmmmm, now we are talking. (Mr Black)

Gossiping with the girls - Really ...... (Mr Black)

Putting on makeup - Where would a gurl be without a little warpaint (Mr Black)

Playfully showing him too much - Distracting me you mean, hmpf, OK go on then! - x (Mr Black) giggle

Ladies do spill the beans what gets you all hot under the collar?