Monday, 28 May 2012

Why being bitchy helps you to be more femm

Really Tabby, Bitchy that sooo 90's. Giggle. I know Gurls it is hard enough being a Sissy, Tgirl, Gurl without having your own Gurl Kind being horrid. But I do think a little bitchy goes a long way to help femm our thinking. 

Women hold grudges, women bitch, women judge and women on the whole can be very very hurtful. 

Men fight, shout and then shake hands and have a drink. 

Think about all those US teen drama's all the popular girls they are all ultra femm and they are all bitches. 

Too much of a good things is bad. Yes there is a line ladies. I have fallen foul of this several dances, evenings out etc and I have done that horrid thing where you eye a girl up and down and the inner monologue starts - Yuck shoes, Pink with that body, OMG who is she trying to kid and so on. There is a line lets try and not be nasty. Just a little bitchy. 

An example of the two genders at work. 
This clip below shows the difference 

A man will laugh and then feel sorry for the model

A women will show concern and then feel that the model deserves to suffer like that. 


A man wants the chance to mate with a model they are after all at the top of the true the Alpha Girl if you will. So an Alpha male will laugh and then help and show concern 

A women if she is not a model will gasp and say and show signs of concern but deep down she is adoring the models distress as it takes down the Alpha Girl and gives her a Beta Girl that one chance of snagging an Alpha Male. 

What should a sissy, Tgirl, Gurl feel? Well we should side on the female response. In truth unless we have a particularly flexible and willing Alpha Male we will be selected last. Thats why women have developed bitchiness they use it to blur the lines and snag the Alpha Male. 

I hear you all asking - So how does a Gurl like me use it Tabby?

Well firstly it's Miss Tabby - giggle. And that really depends...

Here is a series of images you need to be honest and express how and what you feel in each one:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

If you felt 

1. I wish I was them - lucky cows 

2. Yummy - that looks so nice. So want to try that feel it - why can't I be a women / born a women so unfair 

3. I hope that hurts - shame filling you slowly and the thought turns into wish that was me - the drift is there but somehow you don't notice one minute you are enjoying her pain the look on her face the next you are wondering what it would be like to be in her shoes.

4. Oh my how wonderful to fully submit to let someone else control everything must sooo amazing to feel like she does - to be made to feel like that by a real man.

5. I wish I had a mistress / master I would so be a better pet than her

6. Dying to know what it feels like to have a clit to feel a female orgasm to know that pleasure a women feels to totally lose oneself in waves of pleasure - why do they get everything it is so unfair

7. I sooo want to be that full - does it hurt, what is it like it must go into her stomach it is so long what, how does a girl take a cock like that 

Then deep deep down your thoughts shame you I can't be him I am pathetic as a man and I can't be her I am nothing why can't I be her...

Leave your comments let me know how close you are to the thoughts above my little sissy. 


  1. I thought all of those things; the first pic made me feel how nice it is to be able to show affection like a girl, and the second one took that a little further; after that i just flipped into subbie mode and thought about all the similiar experiences i've had and how they made me feel! xx

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