Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mr Black introduces Miss Tabitha Jones

Well actually Miss Jones needs no introduction, she has more adoring fans than your's truelly, Mr Black. But for those of you here for the first time let me say, she is irrisistably elegant and exceptionally stylish. Demure yet wickedly sexy and has been my online personal assistant for some time. Well she must be credited with this idea, while she was breezing through the cyber office she said 'lets get together and make some comment, no not like that silly Mr Black. A blog that is you and me!'
I mulled it over and thought why not indeed. 
So here we are - what do you think Miss Jones.

ABOVE: Miss Tabith Jones in her usual PA to Mr Hugo Black attire


  1. Curtsey why thank you sir - curtsey - blushing a little

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