Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Dream

As Sir and some of my regular play dates know I am away at the moment I have not had much access to the internet and being away (I would not call this a holiday) with family for the first time as Tabby has been interesting. 

My sister, mum and dad have hatched a plan they want to convince me that my current chosen path in life is wrong and that I should undo all my efforts and return to 'normal' 

Well yesterday my dad left and went home - he gave up. Leaving my sister, mum and myself in the small rented cottage in the lake district (stunning part of the UK) My mum drove my dad to the train station and he returned to London. His parting words were - ok you win but I don't have to see it - so I am going home so I don't have it paraded in front of me. The 'it' he is referring to is my dressing, and general femm demeanour. 

Yes like any sissy gurl I cried for hours. My sister and mum sat up with me last night and we chatted the chatting became more and more alcohol fuelled as the wine was quickly emptied from bottles. Our chatting turned more and more naughty as they began to accept me - they told me stories, I told them stories. They asked me questions and I asked them it was wonderfully girly, giggly and truly friendly. 

I wanted to share a story from each of them. I have done my best to find several images to help illustrate each story. 

Finally I had an incredibly erotic dream last night (hence the title of my post) a combination of wine and girly chat had me purring like a kitten. I will also share that dream. 

My naughty mum - I am still blushing. 
Prior to meeting my dad my mum worked at several large ad agencies in London as an account handler. She fitted the role perfectly, cute, sassy, intelligent and slightly submissive (her own words). She went on to ad that Account Handlers back then acted more like hostess, entertaining clients taking notes and running errands. She was dating the Finance Director of the agency she was working for. 

They were at the annual Christmas party, clients booze, drugs and tarts were everywhere (again her words - I giggled, blushed and almost choked on my wine). Mum both my sister and I squealed. 
She went on to describe the evening and how she flirted with this guy and that guy - Her boyfriend who was about 8 yrs older than her was getting more and more frustrated he pulled her away and into the corridor and roughly pulling her by one arm pushed, pulled her towards his office. As they turned the corner he pulled her against the wall pulled up her LBD (little black dress) and spanked her. My 2nd squeal of the evening and my sisters first OMG - giggle. 

My Mum then went on to say she giggled at him and he got even more angry and pulled her into her office - Now picture the scene my sister and I are listening to my mum tell her story - were giggling, blushing, squealing and then my mum shocks me further she says he pulled her into her office in a low threatening voice said to her and my MUM!!! repeated this word for word. 

She said he growled at her 'I am going to fuck you, you fucking cunt' 

My turn to OMG and my sister to squeal!

My mum went to describe him pushing her onto his desk he pulled up her dress further and spanked her till my mum begged him to stop and fuck her. 

Blushing my mum described how he thrust into her and made her cum all over his desk He manhandled her and she loved it. The wine flowed and she added once he collared me with his belt and fucked me till I passed out. 

We both squealed OMG mum. My mum laughed and said well girls your turn. I blushed and my sister started to her story...

At university she dabbled in a lesbian relationship in her 2nd year. 

My mum said oh hun was it that nice girl (name removed to spare blushes) who visited us in your 2nd year of summer. She was so sweet. My sister nodded and smiled you could see the sparkle in her eye as she recalled that summer. 

She said that one night they had gone out to the student bar intent on finding some guys - both girls being a little horny but found themselves totally intoxicated with each other the more they chatted the more they wanted each other. My sister added that somehow they just knew it it wasn't a verbal thing it just clicked. 

Silence fell over them both my sister bit her lip and she described how her friend took her hand and led her back to their shared room. 

They stripped and started to kiss then my sister started to describe how they would spend hours rubbing each other 'tribbing' each otters clits. 

She then went onto describe the weekend they bought a strap on my sister blushed and mu mum giggled - I was stunned into silence as I listened to my sister express how she was fucked senseless by a fat hard and long strap on. 

My mum asked how big it was, my sister blushed and whispered 10inches. 

I have no idea why I said it but the wine my combined shock of my sister and mums tales I blurted out. Well so I have a slut for a mum and a sister. 

My sister responded almost instantly well that explains you my dear little sissy. 

I blushed and started to respond and my mum cut in. 

Girls now stop it. 

Tabby hun I know about your blog, I know what you are hun please now sit down and lets at least act like ladies. 

we both replied yes mum. 

Now Tabby sweetheart we are all girls here and we are sharing. Now I want to ask you questions you can share a story if you want to but I really am intrigued tell me hun, I know you like girls and guys how do you see yourself. 

Blushing and with my eyes lowered I whispered - as a bi girl mum. 

The wine poured we chatted further and questions were asked, what was your first time like? Do you swallow? - blushing, does it hurt? How sub are you really? What's your have thing to do? 

Blushing I begun - yes it hurt but it also felt amazing I cried, squealed and could not walk probably for days - my mum giggled and said I have had a few of those nights myself. 

I love making guys cum I really love a mans cum 
My sister giggled really I hate it. I only deal with it because the guys love it when I swallow. My mum blushed and said I am with Tabby I adore the taste. Yes mum I added I really love it when they cum on my face or breasts. 

I love to suck cock too - I really blushed and my mum giggled my sister squealed. Girls I have spent hours on my knees and I love it. 

I love playing with it and licking the guys balls. 
My mum asked me if I use my cock on guys. 
Blushing I said no it really is too small and very rarely gets hard anymore the hormones have been quite effective in that area. 

My mum then asked about sir I said I love being his sub and express how he has taken care of me and (flashing through my mind was the several training sessions I went through with sir) Yummy giggle. 

Part 2 to follow...


  1. Such an amazing post! Personal and funny and....OMG! As always.... :) Deserved more responses. Apologies from all your fans who hope you are well. susannah xxx


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